Light Green Nein Hand-Knotted Wool Carpet

This exquisite light green Nein carpet is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship, showcasing the finest traditions of hand-knotted wool carpet making. Originating from the town renowned for its exceptional weaving techniques, this carpet is a testament to both skill and artistry.

Material and Craftsmanship: Crafted from Kurk wool, sourced from baby lambs, this carpet boasts unparalleled softness and resilience. The use of Kurk wool ensures that the carpet maintains its plush texture and vibrant colors for years to come. Each knot is meticulously tied by hand, showcasing the dedication and expertise of the artisans who bring this carpet to life.

Unique Color Palette: What sets this Nein carpet apart is its striking light green hue, a rarity in the world of hand-knotted carpets. The refreshing green tones add a touch of natural beauty to any space, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. The center medallion and adjacent floral pattern are elegantly enhanced with accent colors of cream, light, and dark blue, creating a harmonious balance of colors that is both captivating and timeless.

Design and Pattern: The centerpiece of this carpet is its intricately designed center medallion, which serves as a focal point of the overall composition. Surrounding the medallion are delicate floral motifs, meticulously woven to perfection. The symmetry and precision of the patterns reflect the highest standards of craftsmanship, showcasing the expertise of the weavers who have honed their skills over generations.

Versatility and Elegance: Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or dining area, this light green Nein carpet is sure to elevate the ambiance of any space. Its subtle yet sophisticated color palette complements a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary. Whether used as a statement piece or as a foundation for a room’s decor, this carpet adds warmth, texture, and style to your home.

Exclusivity and Rarity: The rarity of sourcing a green Nein carpet adds to its allure and exclusivity, making it a truly unique find for discerning collectors and enthusiasts. Each carpet is a one-of-a-kind creation, bearing the mark of its artisanal craftsmanship and the rich heritage of its origin.

Timeless Beauty: With its timeless design, impeccable craftsmanship, and luxurious materials, this light green Nein carpet is not just a floor covering but a work of art that will be cherished for generations to come. Its beauty transcends trends, making it a timeless addition to any home.

Code: 00428

Size: 11.6FT by 8.6FT

Color: Light Green


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