Persian Silk Carpet with Intricate Floral Pattern

Elevate your interior decor with the luxurious elegance of this Persian silk carpet. Though not hand-knotted, this finely crafted piece boasts a level of artistry and detail that is sure to impress.

Design and Pattern: The carpet features an intricate floral pattern that showcases the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each floral motif is carefully designed to create a harmonious and captivating visual effect. The pattern is complex and rich, making the carpet a true centerpiece in any room.

Color Palette: The floral design is brought to life with accent colors of gold, light blue, and dark blue. These colors are expertly integrated to enhance the overall aesthetic of the carpet. The gold accents add a touch of opulence and warmth, while the varying shades of blue provide depth and contrast, creating a stunning visual balance.

Material and Craftsmanship: Made from high-quality silk, this carpet exudes luxury and sophistication. The silk fibers give the carpet a soft, lustrous finish that feels exquisite underfoot. While it is not hand-knotted, the manufacturing process ensures durability and a high-quality finish, making it a beautiful and practical addition to your home.

Aesthetic Appeal: The stunning design and rich color palette make this Persian silk carpet a beautiful piece that will enhance any interior. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or dining area, the carpet’s intricate floral pattern and elegant colors will bring a touch of sophistication and style to the space. Its luxurious sheen and detailed design are sure to attract admiration and add a refined touch to your decor.

Versatility and Use: This Persian silk carpet is versatile enough to complement a variety of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary. Its elegant design and rich colors make it suitable for formal settings, while its luxurious feel and beautiful pattern can also add a touch of elegance to more casual spaces. Whether used as a focal point or as a complement to your existing decor, this carpet will undoubtedly enhance the ambiance of any room.

Cultural Significance: While not hand-knotted, this Persian carpet still embodies the rich tradition of Persian textile arts. The intricate floral pattern and use of luxurious silk reflect the high standards of Persian craftsmanship and design. Owning this carpet means appreciating and preserving a piece of cultural heritage that continues to inspire and captivate.

Code: 00224

Size: 10FT by 7FT

Color: cream


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